About Us

NineFit is a leading Fitness Wear & Gear platform based in India. Owned by the Headrush Family of E-Commerce sites, our endeavour is to provide a large selection of High End Fitness products for the discerning customer.

We aim to be a powerful presence in the fitness space in India and the Asia Pacific region - owing to our unparalleled assortment of prestige products, expert service, and innovation.

Our parent company, Headrush was formed in 2008, and gradually went on to become one of India’s most well known outdoor brands - with adventure parks, projects and events conducted across India. In 2015, Headrush branched out into the world of E-commerce, and is now amongst India's top players in the E-commerce space - across varied categories like Beauty, Home Decor & Furnishing, Furniture, Fitness Gear, Toys & Games etc.

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